Monster Procession

A Baker’s Dozen, gives one more than a standard dozen thus avoiding short measure; also an insurance against being accused of such which could carry severe penalties back in the day. Here is the final picture of my “Baker’s Dozen’ created for the exhibition at Noa’s Bakehouse. Check out the Tower of Refuge making an appearance at the top!


Monster Procession











‘Monster Procession’


Prints are:-

* Limited edition of 1/70. Numbered and signed in pencil by artist.
* Artist emboss/chop stamped on border.
* Pigment ink on archival, acid free German etching paper.
* A4 paper size. Image fills A4 with small border for edition, title, signature and stamp.

* Price £45 + P&P  (£2 local IoM, £2 UK,  £4.50 Europe £6 RoW.)

* To order please contact [email protected]


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