A Little Gathering of Sunlit Buildings

The second and final post of the new prints available at ‘The Artist’ exhibition running from the 16th – 24th of November. Please see previous posts for details.


Up north for a start with ‘Old Church Building, North Shore Road, Ramsey’. This building really shines out with its pyramidal gable elevation. The side porch is almost like a curtailed tower; it may well have been designed to house/elevate a water tank. The white buttresses flanking the square of the doors painted blue make a great setting. It’s as if the building is a mould which the sky has been poured into. Even the ribbon of scruffy, bleached weeds that edge the pavement has a positive effect, running parallel with the yellow lines on the road. All this adds up to a dramatic symmetry of colour and composition. Great little building.

Cafe Mooragh Park Thumb-1

Next is the ‘Cafe Mooragh Park, Ramsey’. The same composition was used in a pastel painting “Deco Cafe at Mooragh Park, Ramsey”; described in the previous post ‘Peel and Ramsey Architectural Gems. June 12th, 2007’ :-

“This star of a building is sited next to the boating lake. Strong early morning sunlight setting off the juxtaposed curve and straight / round and square dynamic of this Deco design. Pristine contrast again the order of the day.”

Nothing much changed though the mixed media has brought out a different character, less pristine 50s retro feel. A little more grounded and real somehow.

Scarlett Derelict Thumb-1

‘Old Building, Scarlett’ is a much admired derelict. The lime rendered gable pitted to sublimely patinated beauty from centuries of rain, salt and sun is so mellow in this light. Not enough on its own but add the maps of old stucco, bleached sea of grass and briar lapping at a row of boarded up doors. Makes for a good picture in my books.

Peel Castle Thumb-1

‘Peel Castle’ from Fennella Beach side. Such a wonderful building is no push over when getting a handle on it art wise. The red of the sandstone and ink green of the sea standout in this rendition. Brings good ruddy colour to the place some say could have been the court of King Arthur. Still, a jolly good castle whatever!

Blue Gate Thumb-1

‘Blue Gate’ is a cottage on a little triangle of land between two lanes up behind Ballabeg. If you want to place it take a right off the road to Ronague, up past Ballamaddrell farm. The map puts it at the apex of the triangle made by the previously mentioned forking lanes of upper and lower Ballavarkish. There is no doubt a name for it, but ‘Blue Gate’ suits the picture fine.

Point Of Ayre Lighthouse Thumb-1

Last but non the worse for it, looking pretty as a picture, all sweetness and light after a shower and good dose of sunshine is the ‘Point of Ayre Lighthouse’. Very fresh looking. Lighthouses are great. NLB rocks! Shame that automation has seen off the keepers though.

Well, that’s them. All the prints for a sneak preview as promised. Hope you like.

Prints are:-

* Limited edition of 1/10. Numbered and signed in pencil by artist.
* Artist emboss/chop stamped on border.
* Pigment ink on archival, acid free German etching paper.
* A3+ paper size.
* Price £65

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